Testimonials & Sponsored Dancers

We currently sponsor some of Australia's leading competitive dancers, sponsoring dancers such as Kristi Hall (2018 World Bachata Champion), Elysia Baker (2nd in the world 12 times Australian Champion in Latin dancing), Pedro Gonzalez (Australian and Venezuelan Latin Champion) and many more!

Emily Zhang wears Dance Fever Shoes

Emily Zhang

Emily began dancing when she was 7 years old and immediately discovered her passion for Ballroom and Latin American dancing. She has won numerous national and international open titles in both Latin and Ballroom, under the guidance of world top coaches. From a young age, Emily achieved outstanding results. She won the Australian Junior Open Latin and Ballroom at the age of 13, Australian Youth Under 19 Open Latin and Ballroom at the age of 14 and Australian Youth Under 21 Open Latin and Ballroom at the age of 15. With great success in the 9 years of her dancing journey, she is now currently competing in the Amateur division (over 21 years) at the age of 16. She is 2021 Australian Dance Sport Adult Open Champion and the UK Universal Amateur Rising Star Ballroom Champion.

As well as dancing predominantly in Australia, Emily has also travelled overseas to train and compete in the UK, China, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Latvia.

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Alan Tenster wears Dance Fever Shoes

Alan Tenster

Alan has been dancing since the age of 11. He started dancing in group classes for about 6 months until he was introduced into the competitive scene and found his first dance partner. Alan's dear friend and coach is Mr. Matthew Rooke, who he has been working with since 2011. Dancing has taken Alan across the globe and allowed him to take part in some of the most prestigious events. Accolades he has obtained in the ballroom section include 2021 Australian DanceSport Adult open Champion, Multiple time Victorian open champion, Queensland open champion, Crown international DanceSport Champion, 2 times National Amateur Champion, Outside Change Cup champion, Singapore Asia Pacific Open Champion, Taiwan Cup Open Champion, and Universal rising star Champion.

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Elysia Baker

Elysia Baker is current 12 x Australian Latin Champion and recently ranked 2nd in the world in the professional Cha Cha division at the 2018 World Salsa Summit, USA. A former ballet dancer, Elysia transitioned into the Salsa industry over 10 years ago where she has worked her way quickly up the ranks to be recognised as one of the industry's most respected artists. She competes professionally and currently teaches in Melbourne as well as at congresses around Australia and the world. Elysia's wealth of dance knowledge and training in a variety of dance styles (including Salsa, Cha Cha, Ballet, Contemporary and more, lends itself to well-rounded training techniques. Her dance travel lifestyle gives her fresh insight into the ever-evolving world of dance, which she brings back to infuse into her own teaching and training techniques. Elysia's beautiful personality combined with her dynamic choreography, power, body movement and flexibility, forges together to create exciting shows and insightful and fun dance classes

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Kristi Hall wears Dance Fever Shoes for Latin Dance

Kristi Hall

As a current World Champion and with more than 25 years dance experience, Kristi has achieved success winning a variety of awards and being selected for highly competitive and rigorous training programs in most styles of dance. After completing full-time dance training in 2009, Kristi began her journey in the world of Latin dance and in less than six months, Kristi entrenched herself in the Australian salsa scene. In 2014 she ranked in the top 10 in the world as a female soloist in Puerto Rico against the best Latin dancers from around the globe, and has since achieved 2nd place for samba in 2015 at the World Latin Dance Cup, 2nd place in the professional Cha Cha couples divisions in 2017 at the World Salsa Summit in Miami and 1st place for Bachata at the 2018 World Latin Dance Cup. She has trained, taught and performed throughout Australia, across Europe and in America, at events including the Hawaii Salsa & Bachata Festival, the Frankfurt Summer Festival, Hungary's BachaKizz All Stars Festival and more.

Jai Sheffield wears Dance Fever Shoes for his Latin Dancing, Salsa and Bachata

Jai Sheffield

Jai Sheffield is a professional Latin Dancer from the Gold Coast Australia, he is a multi-Australian champion in Salsa, Bachata and Cha Cha. A finalist at the World Latin Dance Cup and placed 3rd in Cha Cha at the World Salsa Summit. Jai won the El Sol Warsaw Stargate soloist competition and is certified by the World Salsa Summit to judge Latin competitions as well as being a Salsanama trainer.

In Recent years, he has taught through the Pacific Islands, Asia, Africa, Europe, the UK, Mexico, and Russia. He has travelled to many different countries to learn from some of best in the industry. Jai was trained in Australia by Csaba Szirmai and later by Fernando Sosa and the Antonio and Jasmina Berardi in Italy.

Jai lives between the Gold Coast Australia and Milan Italy working nationally and internationally all year round.

Jai Specialises in lead and follow techniques, musicality and shines. He is a very passionate social dancer and performer.

Carlos Veron wears Dance Fever Shoes

Carlos Veron

Carlos Veron is the 2020 Vice-World Champion Professional Male Soloist in the World Salsa Summit. He is also Argentinian National Champion and has been finalists for the past few years in both the World Salsa Summit USA and Puerto Rico Salsa Open.

He is one of Argentina’s most sought-after dance coaches and choreographer’s, specialising in Salsa, Bachata and Dance Fitness Conditioning. Best known for his powerful and dynamic choreography, fast footwork, body movement and flexibility.

Carlos’ wealth of dance knowledge extends beyond Salsa and Bachata, into Jazz, Tango, Ballet and Argentine Folklore, which lends itself to well-rounded training techniques and beautiful choreographies.

Together with his partner Elysia Baker, they are the 2019 Australian Professional Salsa Champions at World Salsa Solo

Brodie wears Dance Fever Shoes

Brodie Barden

- Began dancing age of 5

- Lived in Europe from 2015-Covid

- Juvenile Standard, Junior Standard, Youth Standard and Latin and Adult Australian Standard, Latin and Ten Dance Champion.

- 21 Australian Championships/10x Ten Dance Champion

- World Ten Dance Semi Finalist

- German Open RS Semi Finalist

- Asian Pacific Standard and Latin Runner Up

- Competed, taught and performed shows throughout Australia, Asia and Europe.

Shannon Janes & James Bardill wear Dance Fever shoes for Ballroom

Shannon Janes & James Bardill

James and Shannon are from WA, both currently competing in the Amateur Youth category, in all 3 styles, Standard, New Vogue and Latin.

They have both been dancing since they were 6 years old, and have been in partnership together for a little over 2 years, joining up in 2020 together. They are the Junior WA Champions 2020 in Latin and New Vogue.

At the age of only 16 years they have still been very successful, moving up into the U21/Youth age group, making both the Adult and Youth finals in Latin and New Vogue at the 2021 WA Open Championships.

They are both very committed to their dancing, currently being coached by Julie Patchett and Graeme Thomas for Standard and New Vogue, and Australian champion Rosa Filippello for LatinTraining 4 times a week as well as attending adult social classes to assist teaching and doing their accreditation they are certainly very busy young athletes.

They have also been very fortunate to have lessons from Katrina Patchett, from the France Dancing with the stars (Le Dance avec le stars), and she has choreographed a number of their routines in standard as well.

They are aiming to be in the top 6 this year at the Australian championships, Top 3 next year and Australian Youth champions the year after!